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My Hero 4 by Molotav
My Hero 4
This strip has been done for a while, but the first two panels have been in another state for 2 months now. But since I was able to move into my apartment, this strip finally gets to see the light of day!

The move-in is also looking good so far. I haven't been able to draw at all though because of it though. My top gts priority is coloring a commission for one patient customer which I'm hoping to get to after sunday. After that I plan on going cray-cray with gts art as I should finally be free! Either that or I'll be sorting out utility issues in the apartment... Wish me luck.
Nurse Nancy by Molotav
Nurse Nancy
This was something I found recently and was really surprised I never posted it. Although, as I'm saying this, I'm hurriedly checking my scraps section to see if maybe I have posted this. Yep, never posted, which blows my mind.

This was originally a test comic where I'd write a shrunken man manual for a giantess universe. I'd make it up as I went but of course, college got in the way and I never got past the first page.

The reason I'm pretty astonished is because this was made PRE-Macro. This is from 2011, before the Macro universe was ever conceived. I drew this originally to help develop a Macro style universe, and aesthetic for it and to get some coloring practice on the side. Not to cut myself short, but I wasn't anywhere as good a drawer as I am now, and this looks like I probably made this recently!

And the difference in ability comes from several reasons. 1: This was made in a scrap sketchbook. I never planned on this to see the light of day. So I gave myself carte blanch to do as good or as terrible as I could draw. That lack of worry can really help in the art making experience. 2: I took my sweet ass time with this. I remember researching 50's lifestyle illustrations for this and drawing everything like I was drawing a still life. If you look closer, there's old erased lines everywhere from me drawing over and over again till I got something I REALLY wanted out of it. Now, I'm a bit lazier. I can also draw quicker and usually get close enough to what I was thinking. This took a while, probably a solid week. And that's probably why it never got finished until now.
I worked so hard on it, I was terrified I would ruin it in the inking process. So I filed it away along with some other really great stuff I still need to get to.

So guys, if you want some tips on drawing what you love, A: Don't give a shit what others think and B: Take as long as you'd like to get what you want out of it. I know that sounds pretty basic but it's surprising how little that factors into art once pen touches paper.
Victoria Spade by Molotav
Victoria Spade
This is a submission to the housewear challenge. Not made by me. It's by Rythmear. Enjoy
Hey guys, I've got plenty of good news and some also some things that are important for me yo get off my chest.

First the good news.
the zine I was talking about and then went silent about is almost ready. Basically, one of the artists participating has been working on a 10 page comic for the first issue, which I've seen pieces of and I have to say, looks amazing. She's been putting her heart and soul into it and so I've been holding onto printing the zine until she's finished. Now it looks like she'll be done in the next few weeks and I'm stoked to print.

I've decided to sell the zine as a digital download. I think I've found a pretty good site to do that from. When all is ready, I'll be posting the link here. There will also be a printed version released in certain chicago stores.

One other thing I had been waiting on doing was the cover. Because I don't have my tablet, I haven't been able to make a nice colored cover like the zine deserves. But now I'm about to finally get my hands on my tablet sometime around November 9th, major production can resume. I'm excited!

Once the first issue of GARGANTULA! (Yes that's the title) is released I'm gonna start preparing for the next issue. As you guys can probably tell, this first issue was poorly prepared for. It's been months since the original due date came and went and I never accounted for problems that would naturally arise along the way. This is definitely a learning process and I'm hoping to get better at it as the issue progress. Issue two will have a theme, MYTHOLOGY, and will have a more realistic submission date. Stay tuned for more on that.

Lastly, I've got several different comic pages I've been holding back on submiting. Two are old comic pages from other story ideas I had been thinking of doing. There is also the ending of queensville Cathy and the next part of my hero to scan in as they are finished. Look forward to that.

Alright, here comes my beef:
commissions and requests are closed. They are closed. PERIOD. I have been receiving notes from several people for months now basically harassing me to take their requests or to except their commissions at lower prices than set. Not cool. My prices are relatively low compared to others because I enjoy the work, but people trying to take advantage has sapped the fun out. That said, I'm restructuring my commissions at higher rates. I honestly don't care anymore if they're too expensive for some. I've been working my ass off for years to get even somewhere to decent with my work and the pay out for it all (money and/or comments) seems less and less as I go.

I'm not saying you guys need to do this, but if you fav my work, please consider commenting. Even if it's just a "nice!" Or a "neat!" Or "I read this and thought it was worth favoriting" Its really appreciated. I may not respond all the time but I really do read everything you guys write. The comments have started to become less commenty and more requesty or spammy.

I'm not saying negative comments are verboten, but if you have a critique, make it a critique. Make it constructive instead of just "meh". People put work into this stuff and it deserves more than just that disrespect. If you don't have the energy to type something like "this seems a little off to me, maybe do something like this" then don't bother with the negative comment. Unless it's meant as trolling, it's pointless and that along with the trolling be either hid, removed, ignored.

There, hopefully that was relatively painless for you guys. Hope Yall are doing well.



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Sat Apr 26, 2014, 6:22 PM
Tue Apr 15, 2014, 4:10 AM
Welcome back Molotav! Glad to have you back! :D
Sun Feb 5, 2012, 10:41 PM
*whisper* Cause I defy the rules. *whisper whisper whisper* Nice work btw.
Tue Aug 9, 2011, 7:07 PM
np :D and yep very awesome keep it up :) and yeah!!! :)
Sun Jul 31, 2011, 4:35 PM
aw yeaaahhhhh!
Sun Jul 31, 2011, 1:20 PM
Sun Jul 31, 2011, 1:17 PM
Thanks! :D I'm glad you like my stuff! Yeah, savantome is a great guy!
Sun Jul 31, 2011, 12:56 PM
Awesome work :) btw isn't savantome such an awesome guy! :D
Sun Jul 31, 2011, 12:17 PM

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